Because we would like to involve other scholars, a number of manuals have been written as an aid to recording data in the database. They will help to arrive at a high level of uniformity of data recording.

The manuals have two goals:

  1. They are meant to provide instructions for the recording of data in the database.
  2. The manuals are meant to provide an insight in what is recorded and thus available in the Rural Riches database.

Not all of these data can yet be seen in the NEME portal, but will be in the future.

There will be manuals on recording sites, publications, contexts, ensembles and material culture, attestations, inscriptions, on adding line elements and polygons, on how to use the maps, on how to use the reports and queries. Additional information will be provided on the use of the database in a GIS environment.

Read the short introduction first (Manual NEME 0).